Self Help


Here are some of the Self Help Proven courses which can help you transform your mind and body. All courses are Accredited with CPD and upon completion you will receive official Certification.

The CPD-approved courses to get you Healthy & Strong for good

Pick one of the courses below to start working towards your health and fitness goals today. Upon Completion get internationally recognised Accredited certification.

Nutrition Diploma

How to Create different types of meal plans according to your clients goals and needs
How to Naturally boost your Immunity and Improve your energy levels
How to Cleanse and Clean Liver and rewire gut in order to burn stubborn fat around belly area
How to Overcome Sugar Addiction & Overcome Emotional eating patterns
How to sustain good eating habits permanently

Life Coaching & Counselling Diploma

Full overview on Life coaching and Counselling
Understanding when to Coach and when to Counsel your clients
​How to Diagnose your clients correctly
how to get your clients out of fears and limiting beliefs
how to help your clients heal from past trauma and emotional scarring
​How to help your clients overcome addiction and fobia
How to help your clients shift into a new dently & attain desired habits Permanently

Mindfulness Diploma

Understand your emotions
Overcome bad habits
Able to plan your days effectively and execute tasks effectively
Able to manage stress and anxiety effectively
Build better relationships with yourself and people around you
Improve overall level of happiness
Find fulfilment and inner peace