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I’m Abdur the holistic health coach for individuals who are ready to transform and rebuild their Health.

My Name Is Abdur Rehman!

This Is How I Started With Health & Fitness!

Raised in a home fraught with family discord and ultimately a painful divorce, I faced emotional wounds from a young age.

This led me into a dark phase in 2010, battling depression and health challenges. Recognizing the need for change, I took my life into my own hands—physically and mentally. Guidance from several coaches propelled me out of this emotional abyss and taught me the power of self-transformation

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Here Is How I can Help You.

Since then, I’ve committed to helping others achieve lasting change, just as I did. Unlike traditional fitness programs that focus only on physical aspects, my program is holistic. We delve into your mindset, altering deeply ingrained values, beliefs, and rules that have held you back.

We transform your identity, mindset, and values, laying the groundwork for irreversible change.

We equip you with emotional regulation skills, enabling you to break free from emotional eating and sustain positivity even in tough times. This multi-dimensional approach is what I call PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION



Mindset Remapping:

  • CBT & NLP
  • Heal Emotional Scarring
  • Increase Motivation & Self Confidence
  • Eliminate Stress and Anxiety
  • Break out of Fear & Limitations


Nutrition Mastery:

  • Customised Nutrition Plan according to your Goals & Body Type
  • Enhanced Training on Intermittent Fasting, Bloating & Gut Health
  • Understanding the science behind eating more & Losing More Fat
  • Guide to Portion Size, Recipes, Timings, Combinations & Rations to RAISE YOUR MBR
  • Improve Energy, Recovery time & Sleep


Custom Workouts:

  • 5 x weekly workouts (Designed to kill Belly Fat)
  • Effective combination of HIIT | STRENGTH | HYPERTROPHY
  • Stabilize & Strengthen Joints and Tendons


Unshakable Transformation:

  • Tool, Hacks & Strategies to sustain permanent Habits
  • PERMANENT Mental & Physical Change
  • Identity Shift in order to become self sufficient
  • Guarantee for “Not ever needing any other Coach, Personal Trainer or Nutritionist – THIS WILL BE THE LAST PROGRAMME YOU WILL EVER DO”


My Qualifications

This can work BEST for people who are...

  • Being Overweight – Desperately looking for a change
  • Have Pains and Aches in joints – Struggling to heal
  • Have No Energy feel tired most of the time, Specially in the evenings
  • Have Low self esteem, feel unconfident  & Unhappy in relationships because of they you look & feel
  • Taking Medication (BP, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hormonal Imbalance, Depression/Anxiety) & want to come off it permanently
  • Going through Emotional Trauma feel Anxious & Depressed. Wanting to take back control of your life.

Client Success Stories

My Diabetes is much better & controlled… on top of that Abdur motivates me & gives me advice on anything like a good Mentor.
Naureen Mua


Working with Abdur I have lost a lot of Weight & Body Fat %… I am a stronger person now emotionally I do not turn to comfort food anymore.
Sofia Kadiani


Honestly it’s been one of the best thing I have ever committed myself doing, I walked away not just with weight loss but gained a lot of knowledge around food & workouts
Shakeela Parveen

Property developer


If you are SERIOUS and feel COMMITTED to permanently change the direction of your life, I will be very happy to hear from you. Simply book your call.

I am CPD Accredited

Your Peace of Mind

Accreditation means my Coaching Style & my Programmers have been approved my “Continuous Professional Development Group”. This was only possible after having to go under a very intensive assessment by group of professionals at the CPD Standard Office.

This gives me edge over other Health Coaches & allows me to position myself as a Premium Quality Service Provider Which has been tested and approved by a third party.

No Worries OR Risk... This Programme Comes With A

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you apply all the tools and strategies described in the programme and do your homework given during our one to one calls and still do not reach your fitness goals, I will be happy to give you a full refund no question asked…

I have a proven system that has worked for hundreds of people just like you over the years. I have 100% confidence that if you work with me on this I will work and if it doesn’t you take your refund keep all the modules and turning…


No you don’t, all our workouts are both Gym and home friendly.

We will first work on stabilizing and strengthening your joints and when feel ready we will get you to next level up

No you won’t, my mission is to boost your metabolic rate whilst introducing permanent sustainable habits for your health goals

Yes I can, my programme will help you boost your immunity | balance hormones and stabilize your blood sugar

Yes it will but my programme will help you to come off medication permanently.

Simply click the button to book a call with me, we will discuss best course of action for you moving forward.